Oak Realty has been involved in real estate investment since 1986, and was officially founded in 2015. The company specializes in:


By working directly with property owners, we're able to save property owners the time and capital they would otherwise spend to renovate their properties and all the costs and fees associated with selling. We purchase property directly from owners and pay all the fees for them. This can easily amount to savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a tremendous amount of time. We're able to purchase property in any condition, large or small, and save property owners from the hassle of going through a traditional sale.


With more than two decades worth or construction experience, we're able to quickly and efficiently renovate and modernize the properties we manage. We don't mind getting our hands dirty, which is something most property managers are afraid of. Because of our construction background, we can perform the work ourselves or contract the right person for the job, which saves a great deal of capital and time. This is also a great benefit to our tenants and something they appreciate.


Property management is one of the cornerstones of Oak Realty and has allowed us to grow regardless of economic downturns. We believe that rental property is extemely important and necessary for a city to be able to thrive. Without a healthy supply of rental units, it would be impossible for young individuals just starting out to get a foothold and begin their careers, and older individuals to comfortably retire. We pride ourselves on providing and increasing the number of available rental units.


We provide legal and tax information to all property owners, tenants, and investors we work with absolutely free. This vital information helps our clients make informed decisions that their futures will depend on. By helping people understand the legal and tax consequences of their decisions, it helps them make the best decision for their particular situation. We will always provide honest and straight-forward legal and tax information regardless of whether it benefits this company or not.


Oak Realty works with investors on a case-by-case basis to fund particular deals or purchase shares in particular properties. This provides those investors with a far greater return on their capital than they would otherwise receive from investing in assets like stocks, etfs, or bonds, while reducing their risk. Our portfolio of property provides a great way to make a comfortable return on your capital without having to invest in a property yourself or other risky investments. By investing with Oak Realty, you get the security of investing in real estate without having to take care of the property yourself, and you can see large returns on your investment without worrying about market fluctuations that investors of stocks and bonds have to be concerned about.

We look forward to working with you.